wall of nature

wall of nature is an art project set out to install large monumental, atmospheric images and/or moving images in an architectural space, in order to 'illuminate' the environment.

Suggestive, poetic and lightly present abstract images of nature are applied to these wallinstallations in order to tingle our imagination. The pure esthetics of nature and our longing to dwell in it are the inspiration for these imagines. The esthetic of the artwork expresses itself as a joining link between elements of nature such as water, light reflections and air images.

wall of nature develops a mood or atmosphere that concretizes our surroundings and responds to the disappearance of ‘real’ nature from the urban environment. The images function as a window to the metaphysical and create the illusion of being present ‘beneath the water surface’, of being part of a ‘sparkling brook’ or of being fully present in the image itself. wall of nature gives the audience an enervating and stimulating experience during a short break in a lobby, public space or building entrance. It is well known that an experience of nature has a relaxing and restorative effect on the body. 

In close cooperation with the client -an architect or interior designer- dens chooses an image and develops a specific design for an interior or exterior environment. The image will have a minimum size of 6 x 4 meters and can be realized with a variety of materials, depending on the space and atmosphere it will be applied to. 

wall of nature can be applied to public cultural institutions and public spaces. See artist impressions (1/6) in Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ in Amsterdam, OBA Amsterdam, passage CS Amsterdam and entrance De Rotterdam (Rem Koolhaas) in Rotterdam. (For rough sketches of moving images, see examples 7 and 8.) 

For more information, please contact dens | image and visual design.


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